Being Mindful: A Brief Guide

What does it mean to genuinely live in the moment? How can we make ourselves comfortable sitting in silence? I took three years of growing comfortable in solidarity and silence for me to fully understand what being present truly meant, and I'm still working on it. I have picked up the journey again by dedicating myself to selective silence. You can read about my journey so far here and head to the blog section.

The How: Practice Your Breathing and Empty Your Mind

This is key to being in the moment. When you focus on your breathing, you begin your journey into awareness. With each exhale, breath out the toxins... the things that you are worrying about, the things that are holding you back. Focus on your breathing and keep your mind calm and as clear as possible.

The When: Always

The task of entering a mindful state should take place as much as possible. Especially when you are not in direct need of your ego. When you do not need to think of a response, be aware of the five senses of what is around you.

The Where: Wherever (But Preferably Someplace Calm and Quiet)

You can practice being mindful anywhere. However, I find it more effective to begin your journey someplace with minimal noise. This allows your senses to heighten as you focus on what you hear, see, smell, touch, and potentially taste.

The Why: To Live in The Moment

We choose a life of mindfulness, because we want to live a more fulfilling life. When we are mindful and live in the moment, we recognize all of the beauty that is surrounding us at all times. Our mind begins to broaden and we begin to embrace imagination, creativity, and new ways to move forward in our lives in a positive manner.

Be still for a moment and observe around you. Observe what you are feeling. Work with this. When you are mindful, you are understanding the beauty that exists around you and within you.

I plan to record some guided meditations that will be on this site. Please stay tuned for them!

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