Shake Up Your Life: How To Change Your Own Perspective

Updated: May 4, 2019

Changing how you see the world around you is easier said than done. I often stress that changing your perception depends on how you direct your energy, which then reflects internally. This then affects how you see the outside world. But, it is much more than this simple notion. Changing your perspective is different than changing your energy. It is changing your mind, and challenging yourself to accept others and their viewpoints or perspectives of things. But how is this possible when we are all set in our own ways of thinking?

Don't Hear Without Listening

Be open to other people's ideas and genuinely listen to what they are saying before you respond. When we listen, we quiet our minds to let the other's opinion in. When we do this, we can allow ourselves to better understand what it is they are saying. Listening to someone means being able to understand what they are saying, listening for content rather than just hearing a person talk.

Don't Talk Without Speaking

Speak what you believe, but remember to be open minded to the answer that can show you a different way of thinking. Take a moment to pause and think your point through before speaking it. Speak to answer the individuals, not just to talk to them without really hearing what the other is saying. When you speak, you have intention behind what you are saying. It is quality content that is being said rather than just small talk or talking spontaneously to prove your point.

Move With Intention

When we move with intention, it means we are absolutely conscious of what we are doing. This means our thoughts to even our breaths, our footsteps, and even what we are feeling in the moment. To move with intention means that we are deliberately making our choices and our moments count. Therefore, in the moment we understand what is going on and we are making a conscious effort to move forward being present in the moment.

Be In The Moment

Living in the moment helps to alter your perspective by actively practicing mindfulness. This means being in the moment and not being stuck in past events. Everyday our minds multitask, focusing on multiple things at one time. It is important to quiet our minds and focus on one thing at a time. Doing this helps us to move with intention because we are fully aware of our actions. We can practice being in the moment through practicing mindful exercises.

Surround Yourself With Knowledgeable Open Minded People

Just because someone is open minded about a topic does not mean they are knowledgeable about it. It is important to be in the prescience of those who has answers to all your questions, and not in the company of someone who will not listen to your questions. Someone who is knowledgable does not have anything to prove and often do not feel offended if you argue their point.

Don't Be Afraid Of Voicing An Opinion That Is Different

We all have different opinions. It is important to make sure your unique opinion is heard by those around you. Although others may disagree with it, put your opinion out there. Perhaps you can help someone see your opinion and change theirs. If not, there is nothing wrong with placing your opinion eve if it is unaccepted by the individual. You can often gain new knowledge about the opinion that contradicts yours and therefore, you can then understand more about the topic itself. Do not be discouraged if the individual does not want to listen to your opinion, keep in mind that they are passionate about their viewpoint and instead try to understand why they feel so strongly about their perception about the topic.

When we begin to change our perspective, our world begins to open. It is important to remember that our perception builds the world we want to live in. If we are closed minded and unwilling to change our perspective, our world remains small. It is up to us to broaden our world by wanting to grow. Only then can we genuinely see all the world has to offer.

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