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Every challenge provides an opportunity. But how do we take these challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth. Ultimately, how do we get others to remember our name? There are many types of individuals who are memorable, I find that each maintain these mentalities:

Be Open to Possibilities

The lens we view our world through reflects how we ultimately see ourselves. Others silently take note of this when we meet them. It is easy to see the world in a negative light. But we need to remember that opportunities will not present themselves if we think like this. We often miss them, because we are busy dwelling on the negative and talking ourselves out of taking risks. We can become more memorable by being open and approach life ready and willing to keep moving forward. This is a mindset that others will not only remember, but gravitate towards!

Be Curious

They say curiosity killed the Kat (get it?). By being curious, you don't become complacent. Others will remember this, and curiosity often brings interesting conversations and insights from others. A key to wholeness, in my opinion, is to be curious and seek to understand through questions.

Be Honest With Yourself

When you put on a mask, you make the world believe an illusion. Fortunately for me, I no longer wear one because I have grown very comfortable in my own skin. Ask yourself how you are feeling, and you will be able to see just how thick your mask genuinely is. When we put on a mask, it can make others remember us. But ask yourself this: Would you rather them remember YOU or the lie that you want to be you? Keep in mind that we may be able to hide from others for a certain amount of time, but we can never hide from ourselves. Speak your truth while listening to others. Genuine interaction is the way to go.

Use Energy and Focus To Transform Challenges Into Opportunities

When we put our focus into something, we tunnel vision and make it happen. We are able to focus our energy on specific goals and find the drive to get it done. Through focusing, we can do anything we set our minds to. After all, the human mind is very powerful if we learn how to use it. This translates into having meaningful conversations and hearing the other to respond to genuinely respond.

Have Fun and Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Life happens. When we constantly worry about the small stuff, we lose the ability to enjoy the moment. Trust me when I say that people will definitely remember if you look like you don't want to be somewhere. Wherever you happen to be, enjoy the moment and put everything negative on the back burner. You are meant to enjoy yourself, so why let negative thoughts enter your mind and ruin the fun? Be yourself and let loose!

Accept Your Hardships In Life

A perfect life is boring. Dealing with conflict allows us to grow in ways we never knew we could. You realize how strong you are, how to adapt to situations, how to move forward, and you realize more about yourself than you would if your life was perfect. You learn about life in a different way and strive to get the life you want! People remember others who hold a unique perspective, because of their hardships.

Make The Conscious Effort To Have Others Remember Us

Whether we realize it or not, we impact each other through our interactions whether they are in person, over the internet, or even over the phone. None of us just want to be a face or a voice tone. We want each other to remember our names. Our names have the power to unite others, drive change, and to be a future.

I had thought about this topic when I worked at a previous job. I was inspired to write it when I began to grow curious about what made others remember our names. We interact with so many individuals, but what makes us remember only certain ones? For me, the list above proved to be true. When people were willing to put themselves out there without their masks, I remembered them. I could tell their character and who they were as a person and could see their potential. Perhaps it was their positivity that contributed, maybe even their passion when they were curious and then spoke about particular topics. Either way, the only way that I see others as remembering our name is perfectly said by the music group Fort Minor.

10% Luck

20% Skill

15% Concentrated Power of Will

5% Pleasure

50% Pain

100% reason to


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